Your Bus and Coach Air Conditioning Specialist

Do you passengers dream of a fresh and clean air in your Coach? Enjoyable coolness during hot days? We want to make sure that you have your air conditioning system functional, which will remove any unpleasant smells from your vehicle. We specialize in a quick, professional air conditioning servicing, also recharging refrigerant (gas) in every vehicle type. We provide our service for buses, NCMS offers the best price in the midlands area. Recharge we use a fully automated machine and our mechanics have full training to carry out air conditioning service, on average an air conditioning system will lose 10% refrigerant a year! When we service your air conditioning we will remove all the 134a gas in your system clean and filter the gas, vacuum the system 20 min, then the Air Conditioning system is checked for pressure while under vacuum. After the test is passed then we fill up system with 134a air con gas and lubricant oil. Giving you fresh cool air.

Call Us on 090 6465520 to get your vehicle Air-Conditioning and Bus and Coach Diagnostics.

Air Condition Service

Ozone treatment:

  • If you have problem with bad smell in your vehicle, we provide a professional service for reasonable price. to help remove the smell of musty, putrid smoke, gasoline, grease, odors from air fresheners and neutralize allergens contained in the pollen of flowering.
  • The soiled pollen & saloon filters have limited effectiveness in the AC, so it is worth to replace it along with the ozone treatment. It is recommended to replace it once a year or every 15,000km. However, if the car is being used on a gritty ground, it might be necessary to replace it more often.

 Full A/C Service:

  • De-gas & deep system vacuum to remove all old refrigerant R134a
  • System pressure test
  • Replace old compressor oil
  • Recharge (re-gas) installation with new refrigerant R134a
  • Addition of the UV contrast
  • Cooling fan operation checking
  • Bad smell removal (ozone treatment)


  • Finding A/C system leaks (visual inspection of entire system)
  • Electronic diagnostic by connection of the state-of-the-art diagnostic tool
  • Nitrogen Leak detection

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